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NaNoWriMo year three

Posted in Writing with tags , , , , , , , on October 17, 2012 by urbannight

I told myself I wasn’t even going to consider it this year.  I have too much to do.  To much on my plate.  But several people keep talking about it.  I start to feel envious about it.  I want to do it too.

I went through my folder of outlines and ideas.  One in particular was saying, “you know you want to work on me.”  Because I do, and I don’t, but I do. 

Do I give another year a go and then give up half way through because the time just never seems to be available? 

Maybe I should give it a go without officially signing up for it.  That way I don’t feel ‘obligated’ and it turns into a chore.

It is like when I took piano lessons.  Practicing daily was a struggle.  But when I wasn’t taking lessons, I could spend hours at the piano each week.

I have to make a training manual for my unit at work.  Actually, I had to start on it at the end of last week.  I wonder, can I count that?  It’s non-fiction.  It will take me to the end of November to finish the entire thing.  But I’m not sure it will meet the word requirement in the long run.

How Mysterious is the Mind

Posted in Writing with tags , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , on June 15, 2012 by urbannight

Thanks to Storiesbywilliams I have had dystopian literature on the mind more often than not.  Thanks to random news articles I keep thinking about Mars, the possibility of people going there before I die, cycles of civilization, and the decay or downfall of civilizations on both social and economical fronts. 

The result is that I am adding yet ANOTHER story folder to my desktop.  Athough, for some strange reason, the idea itself has little to do with any of the above mentioned concepts.  Go figure. 

It is based on idea that the depraved, the depressed, the desperate, and the disenfranchised will eventually find what it is they think they want and often it really isn’t what they thought it would be.   Sure, the ‘normal’ (whatever that means), happy, satisfied, and connected people experience the same kind of thing.  It’s just not as interesting to imagine.  But maybe it would make a good counterpoint?  Hmmmm. . . .

Now my mind will be happily working out an all new idea to add to the folders of ideas, summaries and outlines I already have.  Maybe one day I will actually finish one. . . .