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Alt-right, just another name for Neo-Nazism.

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One night, as we were closing up shop in the mall, (I worked in a pizza place at the time), a guy came up to ask if there was anything left he could pick up as he had missed dinner. We had the left over pizza slices we packaged up to sell as cheap take and bake pizza’s the next day.

After I got one for him and was ringing him up he started talking about how he normally wouldn’t stop at an Italian place but the only other place that hadn’t turned out their lights yet was that Mexican place (Taco Time) and that even though Italians are not really white at least it is part of Europe.  Yes, he actually told me that I didn’t realize it but Italians are really colored and not white.

I got rid of him as fast as possible and got security to go to my car with me because this guy totally creeped me out with his comments on me being blonde-haired and blue-eyed.

Just one story about what it was like living in North Idaho back in the 80’s and 90’s. Anyone trying to talk to me about the Alt-right these days is going to get an earfull. Anyone trying to normalize the Alt-right is supporting Nazism, pure and simple. I don’t care what ‘flavor’ of Nazism it is. In the end, it all comes down to basically the same thing. I dealt with it through two decades. I can recognize it when I see it.

Differences between one type of white supremacy are like the differences between Methodists and Lutherans, relatively minor and and do not mean much to the overall message. (I also grew up going to a Methodist church while attending Lutheran summer programs, so I feel I can use that as an example and know what I’m talking about.)

Friday’s Frustrations

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Several years ago, no long after I was out of training on my job, the supervisor called all of us together for a meeting.  There were not very many off us, two in the room and one on a phone.  She worked from home.  He said people were making a mistake and he wanted to make sure every one understood how it was supposed to be done.

The Cause Code should always match the action of the Act of Insured/Adverse, which ever did the action that lead to the accident.  If the Insured rear ended someone else, it would be ‘struck unit ahead’.  If the adverse party rear ended the insured, it would still be ‘struck unit ahead’.  In both cases, the vehicle performing the action has struck the unit ahead of it.  So even thought there is a ‘struck from behind’ option, we wouldn’t be using it. 

He asked if we understood and we all nodded.  The he said, “If everyone understands then why aren’t you doing it?”  We were all to embarrassed to say anything.  Now this is significant because the supervisor is normally a pretty mellow person. I had never seen him this upset either before or after that one meeting.

I was the new person and I had been doing it wrong.  I felt really bad about it because I thought it was my mistake.  I felt as if we had been totally chewed out and it was my fault.  I nodded yes, that I understood, because now I did.  I left that meeting feeling about two inches tall.

It came up today because someone in the other unit was being trained by two people who were telling her two different things.  We realized that several of us were taught differently. 

Most of the new people were being taught to use the “struck from behind” option if someone else hit one of our insured vehicles.  The supervisor of my unit decided to send an email out for clarification.  The person who totally chewed us out a few years back said that if the other party hits one of our vehicles, then we use ‘struck form behind’.  Totally, opposite of what he said that day when read us the riot act, so to speak.

My anxiety levels are now through the roof.  I can’t sit still and I’m practically shaking.  I remember how I felt leaving that meeting and now it turns out I wasn’t just me, everyone had been doing it wrong.  And the other two continued to do it that way and I was the only one to ‘correct’ myself.  Only to find out that that was really that way they wanted it.  That there was no reason to have gotten chewed out like that.  I wasn’t doing it wrong after all and that horrible feeling I had after the meeting was all for nothing. 

I’m so upset about it that I can’t stop thinking about it.  I’m twice as jittery compared to my normal fidgetiness.  My left eye is twitching.  That only happens when I’m majorly stressed out.  I’m lucky my hands haven’t gone numb and curled up.  Have you seen the curled hands of long time coma patients?  My hands do that and sort of lock up when I feel a great deal of stress.  I can’t straighten them out until I relax.  It feels like there was no point to that awful meeting.  I feel like I need Goma Ae and Seaweed Sushi rolls. 

This was written Friday but not posted.  I did not have Goma Ae and Seaweed Sushi Rolls.  In fact, I do not remember what I had at all.  Oh, pizza.  At the movies.  My roommate had an even worse day and we ended up at the theater watching Red Dawn after work.  Nice violent movie with which to help one calm down.

A Nerdtastic Engagement Party

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The Couple of Honor. Michelle and Justin

Last night was an Engagement Party that is probably not your normal engagement party.  The couple in question connected over the movie Tron and things progressed from there. The themes were: Tron, Batman, Transformers, Avengers, D&D, RPG, Pokemon, Harry Potter, Halloween, and a few other bits of randomness thrown in.


Jenn, The Hostess With The Mostess.

The Future Groom’s Life Disk.

Things that glow in the dark.

Platter of Geekgasmic Toys

Best Friends: Jenn, The Hostess and Michelle, The Future Bride

Blossom Potter??? Don’t ask me, Jenn made up the name.

Cork Board of Marital Advise

Yours Truly, in a less than flattering photo.

Oh, that’s the bbq sauce they used……

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I would have rather had this.

I had a serious shock to my system tonight.  I was planning to make a hamburger patty and a potato for dinner.  When I got home, the roommate asked if I was going to eat that leftover pizza for dinner.  I said no, it has pineapple on it.

Ten minutes later, I come back to the room w/ two slices of this very thin crust pizza on a plate.  I changed my mind when faced with having to cook rather than reheat something fast and easy.  Even if I don’t like cooked pineapple.

I bit in to it.  I made a face.  I looked at it and wondered what they did to it.  It tasted like they covered the crust with sugar before putting on the toppings.  I think I said it out loud because my roommate replied to me.

“No, they wouldn’t do that,” he said.

“Well, it is really really sweet.”

“Oh, that’s the bbq sauce they used…..”

Who puts bbq sauce on a pizza?  I am not eating the last two slices.

Ghosts of Food Past

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When I read the first paragraph of another blog, I was inspired to write one that is less about cooking and more about food when I was growing up.

This mentioned a number of family favorites and brings back memories for me.


My mom’s recipe isn’t fancy.  It’s pretty straight forward really.  Which is why it was the first meal I ever learned to cook.  Jar sauce was not used in our house.  Stewed tomatoes were cheaper and the seasonings were standard spice cabinet items.  Why spend more on jar sauce that wasn’t as good.  I was the finicky one and wouldn’t eat pieces of tomatoes.  So into the bender they went.  Hamburger was browned, liquified stewed tomatoes were poured in, basil, oregano, onion salt, garlic salt, and black pepper were added.  Simmer an hour, or two, or whatever.  Cook noodles and chop lettuse while garlic bread was baking in the oven.  And dinner was served.

I learned to cook this before I could reach the stove.  I needed to for my cooking badge in Girl Scouts.  I stood on a chair to cook.  My sister and I stood on chairs to wash the dishes.  I was still standing on a chair when my sister, 3 years younger than me, could finally reach the sink without the chair.  Sometimes I helped my mom cook while sitting on the counter.

Sometime around late Jr. High or so, I learned to make fried chicken. I had to be able to comfortably work at the cutting board while standing on the floor since this required the use of sharp knives.  You see, buying chicken parts was not yet an option. You had to start with a whole chicken.  I learned how to skin it.  It was weird for me to eat chicken at other people’s homes.  It had skin on it.  My mom was removing the skin before cooking long before it became the popular thing to do.  We skinned it before cutting it.  I don’t know if this was strange or not.  Cutting through the joints required some effort and did cutting the breasts apart.

She mixed her own seasoning with the flour for coating it.  Probably nothing too fancy, but compared to what I’ve discovered in the Midwest, she probably had a more flaverful chicken crust.   This is the blandest place I’ve ever lived.  People don’t know what they are missing.  There are more restaurants per capita than any other city in the U.S.  At least they do up a good steak here. (at most places).

Anyway, my favorites were always the wings.  Not sure why.  Most annoying piece to eat with the least meat.  But I like them best.  I remember getting excited when places started serving the buffalo wings.  And then got a horrible shock.  They had this smushy, undercooked, squishy stuff on it.  Skin.  Skin that wasn’t crispy and crunchy.  I don’t order buffalo wings of any flavor anymore.  They can’t make them crispy and saucy.  My dad always could.  Of course, he didn’t have the gross skin on them to work with.

As I said, I only did fried chicken once.  It was within the month when the stores started selling parts.  My mom only bought chicken breasts after that.  She was even happier the day they started selling them boneless and skinless.  The coating also went by the wayside and chicken was cooked in the pan with seasonings instead of breading.

We only occasionally got KFC, as they now call it.  One day, everything is going to be an acronym and future archeologists will have no idea what anything means.  I already don’t understand my niece’s Facebook posts.  KFC wasn’t really that exciting.  Although we liked the extra crispy.  My dad would just as soon grill outside than get KFC.

More often, fast food was McDonald’s or Burger King.  Or Taco Time.  That was my favorite.  McDonald’s and Burger King both meant a small selection of hamburgers or a fishwich.  There used to be a two person clapping song for McDonalds.  If anyone remembers it, this was the entire McDonald’s menu back in the day.

Pizza was a so-so change of pace.  I hated my mom’s homemade pizza.  I didn’t like the homemade crust or the homemade pizza sauce.  So I was happy to get the store-bought ones.  The only pizza place in town was attached to the bowling alley.  Man did they make good pizza.  That was the best part of the time when my parents were in a bowling league.  Pizza for dinner.  The other side of the bowling ally had a bar.  Yep, my sister and I were those kids in the bar in our footy pj’s.

Somewhere around 6th grade, the ‘Take N Bake’ became the big thing in Pizza.  Small shops opened up where you could get restaurant style pizza all made up for you and then you could take it home and cook when you wanted it.  Mom stopped making homemade pizza after that.

Other family favorites were Swiss steak, Mom’s meatloaf, Dad’s casserole (because it was his favorite and not because he made it, Mom did) and scalloped potatoes with ham.

Death by Pizza

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I went to bed feeling less than good. Chewable antacid didn’t work. I woke up in hell.

I love these!

They hate me.

I woke up feeling like I might die, so I had to go buy this before work.


Green Pizza

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Green Pizza or Salad Pizza

I really was not in the mood to make dinner last night and almost stopped at the Vietnamese Asian Cafe and ordered Spring Rolls to go. But I went home and forced myself to make something I already had. It didn’t really take that long. But I was in no mood and neglected to take photos. The above is a slice of my lunch today. The cheese started to cool on the long walk back from the microwave. So it isn’t the lovely pie I pulled out of the oven. But it still looks nice enough.

4 slices bacon,
1 chicken breast,
Onion to taste,
Garlic to taste,
Butter or diet butter, (I use smart balance light)
Spinach or mixed salad greens,
3/4 cup Cheese of your choice, (I used shredded Italian blend)
Crust of choice (I tried ‘Artisan’ brand, it was okay)

Cut up bacon to one inch pieces, (kitchen shears work great)
Mince onion, mince garlic, dice chicken.
Start cooking bacon pieces,
Put a layer of butter on your crust, spread minced garlic over it, put a sprinkling of your cheese down.
Remember to stir bacon between the above steps, now drain part of the grease and add onion.
Add a layer of spinach or mixed greens, (used 50/50 spinach/spring mix), sprinkling of cheese.
Add chicken, cook until bacon and chicken are all done, spread around top, sprinkle the last of the cheese.
Top with a Pizza Grinder or seasoning or cayenne or leave alone. Whatever makes you happy.

Put in preheated oven, 425 degrees, cook 8 – 12 minutes.

I liked it but the crust isn’t anything special. I think I like straight spinach better. I have friends who love arugala on pizza. I also do a variation of this where I use a large tortilla wrap for crust. I think it is better. It cooks in about 3 – 5 minutes at 400 Degrees and makes a lovely crispy thin crust. It also has way less calories.

1/4 a pizza, the pictured slice:
Calories: 509.25
Fat: 21.75
Sodium: 756
Chol: 44
Carbs: 48.25
Fiber: 2.125
Sugar: 6.25
Protein: 19.75