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Mysteries of a Woman’s Purse Revealed.

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Here I shall unveil and demystify a woman’s purse. Everything is some sort of necessity or another.

Purse and Wallet



The small wallet helps to show how small the purse really is. In the wallet are the standard wallet things as well as my cell phone. My mother got the wallet for me when she was in Hawaii. I’m so impressed. She found something with a Hawaiian theme in black and white. It there is a little grey and cream. But it is a little dingy right now and I should wash it.

Something to do.


Contents of ‘Something to Do’ although beeds are not shown.

I have a small stitching project for when I need something to do. I can sometimes fit a book into this purse, but not when I have all this stuff in it. Maybe I should clean it out sometime?????
The little project is actually very stuffed itself. Taking up most of the space is the small, multi-folded envelope to keep all the floss colors seperate and in order.



Pens, Pens, Pens, more Pens

 I also seem to have accumulated a rather large collection of pens in black, blue and red.  I have one mechanical pencil for my gaming night (I hate pencils, I won’t even use them for word puzzles, but it is an absolute must for pen and paper RPG’s. Even I can’t get around it then) and one highlighter for marking completed stitches.  I’m not as good at remembering where aI left off as when I was younger.  I had a huge project and HAD to use a highlighter to keep track.  But I discovered that once you start using one you can’t stop.  You can’t really go back to keeping your place by memory.  I sometimes have my checkbook.  Since I destroy the covers, I don’t use them.

Soup and Beverage, Cough Drops and Pain Killers

 I also have a couple packet of instant soup, a flavor packet to add to water, a fist full of cough drops, (I figured just a few would do for the photo) and several packets of various types of pain killers.  I figured one would do.  The soup is yummy Fish Broth soup that is more tea like than soup like.  Wonderful on cold mornings after the drive in to work.  And sometimes you just get sick of flavorless water and you need something with taste.

How I get in to Work

Nail Polish

Of course, I have to make sure I can get into work once I actually get there.


I’m not too sure how I ended up sith so many bottles of nail polish in my purse.  I really need to take most of those out.  I would hate to catch my purse in a door and crack one of those glass vials.

Misc Things….

And last but not least I have an assortment of miscelaneous items.  A Tide pen for accidental dribbles.  An inhailer, D&D dice so I can always find them.  A small tin that holds 6 tea bags.  A tiny flashlight. Two lip balms since I’m always losing them.  The green one is a green tea balm and much better than chapstick brand.  The white spool is actually a sparkly pearl blending fillment.  And the plug to change my USB camera cord into a wall charger.  It will not charge from the computer.  I had a tooth brush and tooth paste in there too but they actually belong in my work desk so I took them out and put them back in the drawer.

The Void . . . A rift in the space-time continuum.

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The Void is not the inky blackness of space as some people seem to think.  Which is actually chock full of suns and stars and planets and proto-planets and asteroids and comets and quasars and black holes and whatever else is out there. 

Nor is it the “new frontier” of the deepest darkest ocean depths in which new and increasingly strange life forms are to be found.

In fact, contrary to the definition of ‘void’ as something that is devoid of anything, empty, uninhabited, deserted, and so on, everything we think of as a void really does have things in them.

No, The Void is a rift in the space-time continuum that seems to exist at the back of washers and dryers and dishwasher.  It can be found in the back of closets, drawers, cupboards.  It can even be found hiding in purses and on bookshelves and in cars. 

On the whole, the Void does not harm the universe nor do we normally notice it.  Not until we are matching socks and realize that an even number went into the wash and an odd number came out.  Or we sense it when we go to get that pencil or sticky pad we tossed in the drawer at the end of the work day the afternoon before.  Sometimes it’s when we are looking for our favorite lip balm that was brand new, only used once, and suddenly missing from our purse.  Some of these items are gone forever.  Some suddenly turn up weeks later, in the exact place they were supposed to be, even thought you up ended the drawer or purse and went through it item by item.

You could say that someone else had it and put it back later.  This could be so at work, or if you live with people.  But not when you live alone.  Some of my friends say the cat did it.  Others like to say it was the fairies.  Personally, I say it was The Void gobbling up our bits and pieces.