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My Pretties, My Precious.

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Whether it is the Wicked Witch of the West or Smeagol, they work equally well.  They are slightly interchangeable when you think about it.

My Pretties, My Precious

I feel the need to have pretty dice. I am such a girly girl for gamer girl. Yeah, I like pretty races even if I prefer to play Horde or any ‘evil’ side faction on games.

Blue-Magenta w/ Gold

I didn’t have a set of d6’s. So I had to pick up a set for Shadow Run. I went with the smaller dice so I would have a lot more of them. They are pretty, but if the store hadn’t been out, I would have gotten two sets of the d6’s that looked like shards of crystals.

Copper-Steel w/ White

We ended up having to take a break from the Shadowrun and picked up a Castle Ravenloft game instead. I had a set of ancient (1981), plain red, D & D dice. But I couldn’t find them. Last place I remember seeing them was in the box with my old girl scout patches. So I decided getting a new, prettier, set was in order.