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Cyberpunk? Um, maybe too far to soon – or not far enough.

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I have told people that I’ll keep my dumbed down Net 10 phone.  I won’t rush out for a smart phone until they come out with the implant.  Which led to a discussion of Cyberpunk, D & D and ended up with me starting to play Shadowrun and D & D.

Now a guy has implanted magents into his wrist to hold is iPod onto his arm.  Is it too soon?  Does it go to far?  For something so limited?  If you are going to put something under your skin, don’t you want it to do more than just hold your music onto your arm? 

I’ll take the implant as soon as it does more than hold on an iPod.

The Monday Blahs

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I’m feeling particularly Blahish today.  I was up too late playing SW’TOR.  I hoped to get my Sith Inquisitor up to lvl 16 and on her ship.  Her first companion would be a freaky looking, non-romanceble monster.  But that is my Dark Path character and he is a good guide for convo options that lead farther down the dark path.  I plan to play a Light Path Sith and a Dark Path Jedi as well to see what happens. 

Shadowrun is on hiatus for 6 weeks.  The GM’s creative writing course is ‘kicking him in the ass’ and he feels he can’t do both right now.  He is up to still getting together on Mondays, just so long as it isn’t a game he has to run and put time, effort, and energy into.  I know I shouldn’t end a sentence that way, but my brain just isn’t up to rewriting the sentence.  I think it goes back to staying up way to late on a Sunday night. 

But there will be NO Monday meeting tonight.  I do have a dinner tonight with my stitching group.  Petrow’s.  Yummy food.  Reasonable prices.  Good conversation.  And I get to give a scarf away.  If I finish it at lunch.  I should.  There is only a small amount of yarn left and then I just have to stitch up the tails.

I also got a Tardis all drawn out.  I may stop at the fabric store and try to pick something out.  I think I’ll make it up into a throw pillow.  I’ve pretty much decided on two forms right now.  A bluework piece on black and a blackwork piece.  The advantage is that I can use the same basic outline.  I’ll do the easier one first.  I’m leaning towards doing it on black silk, black velvet, or black crushed velvet.  Not sure yet.  I’ll have to take a look at the fabric first.

The morning is passing in extreme tedium and I’m dying here.  I’ve planned, plotted, and toyed with all sorts of ideas.  I re-organized all the desk top icons.  I read an article last week on why John Carter tanked at the box office and am thinking about writing a blog discussing those points and explaining why it was actually a good movie and people really ought to go see it.  But then my brain reminds me that it won’t be properly awake for a while longer and that is too much work right now. 

I would be so much happier if the phone were ringing off the hook with new claim calls.  I love busy days.  Well, sometimes I hate them.  But I always love how fast they make the day pass.

I’m trying to work out my plans for Saturday.  I have a wedding shower to attend and an Austinian tea party to attend.  Thankfully, it is not on Sunday.  I have a stitching group that day.  It would have been too much to juggle.  I don’t have appropriate period dress, but that is okay.  If I have fun, I can always make something up.  The hostess is short and large chested as well and has patterns she figured out for dealing with that issue.  I mean Austinian as in a Jane Austin recreationist group.  Just in case people didn’t figure that one out.

I’ve known for years that I have too many hobbies.  I wish days were longer but people still only needed the same amount of sleep.  Then I might find time to do more of them.  Or keep them all caught up at the same time.  I suppose I better focus.  Maybe some serious caffeine will help.

ShadowRun Character Development Draft

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With all the changes in the world, one thing hadn’t changed.  Tourism was still big business.  Small access roads led down to scenic overlooks were people could still take images of landscapes and points of interests.  This particular access road had been shut down some years ago.  It looked out over a small valley in which the Horizon Corporate Clinic stood.  It was a private hospital serving the employees of the Horizon Corporation.

An elf knelt low to the ground, coordinating the team currently inside.  Her part of the job was over and this was the rendezvous point.  Her iridescent, peacock colored, second skin suit blended in with the night and with the swirling mist that was coming in off the lake.  Her dark leather duster drapped over the ground as she kept her profile low.  Good thing she had black hair, but her fair skin had to be covered with a dark powder dusting.

When a competitor approached Illyanna’s team about sabotaging the renovations of the HCC, she was glad to take the job.  This was where her life changed.  A little bit of payback was a long time in coming.  Her family was a Horizon family.  Most of the Nakora’s worked for the company in one capacity or another in mid-level to high level positions.  In her teens, do to her good looks and classic ‘black-irish’ coloring, her family was grooming her for a public relations position, to become the face of the company.  A pleasant, cheerful, athletic young woman to speak for the company on the vids, at press releases, and in a variety of public functions.

After a riding accident resulted in a broken nose, she was rushed into the HCC to get it fixed quickly and make sure it didn’t damage her looks.  She didn’t expect to wake up to discover that the company had performed a forbidden medical procedure.  With the idea that they could use her to influence the competition, or anyone else they needed to interact with, they had altered her pheromones.

After that, she slipped away the first chance she got.  Hiding out among the lower layers of society, she found her way into the running business.  She could have charmed her way into a competitor’s company, but she wanted people to lose track of her for a few years.  At the same time, she found a brothel owner with the ambition and skills for greater things but lacked the resources to get herself into a better building with better girls. Illyanna did charm her way into a hostess only job, using the tailored pheromones to influence people into Madam Sakura’s establishment and into paying more.  As the money started rolling in, the madam was able to move twice into better building and then build her own place to her specifications.  She ended up with a high-class establishment that specialized in exotic tastes and catered to the rich and powerful.  Illyanna’s payment in this silent partnership was a suite of private rooms for herself.  Here she meet with contacts and clients she couldn’t meet in public venues.

Madam Sakura, herself, was a useful contact at times. But Madam Sakura could be counted on to look out for herself.  She might not sell Illyanna out, but business was business and information, like everything else, wasn’t free. She wouldn’t put herself or her business at risk for Illiana.

In fact, it was Madam Sakura who had set up the meeting with this Johnson.  It wasn’t the type of job she normally took.  She normally took information gathering jobs, corporate espionage, and the like.  Things she could do as an independent or with one or two short-term partners she had used in the past.  This job was different.  It would need a bigger team.  But when she learned the target, she couldn’t resist accepting.  She would have to rely on her occasional partners for some recommendations.

All of which is how she ended up on an overlook waiting for the rest of her team to get out of the hospital.  If it was just employee’s, Illyanna wouldn’t have worried about the people in the hospital. But it served their families, so there were kids there.  It wasn’t too hard to face a chemleak and get the place evac’ed.  For some reason, the employer’s wanted the sabotage to be big and splashy and to make it look like a political statement.  Everything was set, they should have been out by now.  Something was wrong.  The building went up in a blaze of colors.  It was loud, bright, and very pretty.  Not only was the new construction and the wing under renovation destroyed, they took out the entire complex.

Still dead air.  No communication.  After a suitable wait, in case the team got out just before the blast, Illyanna turned and cautiously went back to where she left her transportation. She made her way back to the main road and slipped quietly, and quickly, into town and into a group of people leaving the stadium theatre.

Was the team caught and delayed so that they didn’t make it out?  Was it a set-up and none of them were supposed to survive?  Did her team set her up and leave in a different direction?  If it was the first, she could still collect the fee.  If it was the second, Mr. Johnson would believe her dead and have no need to return to her office.  In fact, he would probably believe that the Madam would turn the rooms into more space for her to use.  He wouldn’t know that the one iron-clad contract between her and Madam Sakura was that those rooms were Illyanna’s.  No matter how long she was gone.  If it was the third case, then she didn’t know if the team managed to plant any evidence that might survive the blast and the fire.  She better lay low for a while.

… Over the course of time, she was able to talk, charm, and bargain her way to the data from the investigation.  Once she established that there was no information to link her to the explosion and that Mr. Johnson hadn’t set them up so the employer could avoid paying, she collected the fee and increased her lifestyle for a while.  She started to make connections with people in various Corps.  People with whom her father was in competition with.  And rumors of a Nakora working against Horizon began to spread…