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A State of Shock

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After walking home after voting.

This morning I feel numb and horrified at the same time.  There were almost no people walking in to work this morning.  Did people take the day off?  Are there as many people in this country who feel as if they are walking through some post-apocalyptic world despite the fact that the sun is shining, the world looks the same, and half the country is actually happy?

I will probably scream if people start talking about a mandate.  I didn’t like it when Obama said it.  No election as close as these represent a mandate.  I would only accept that word in a landslide vote.  This was not a landslide.  My radio was on when I turned on my car.  I had to turn it off.  People were calling in and saying America has spoken.  As if it was a huge percentage.  It was a razor thin edge.  The worst sorts of people came out of the woodwork.  People who wanted change at ANY cost and don’t care if it hurt this country.  They just want to ‘break’ Washington.

I might have supported and even applauded Trump if he hadn’t approached this on a platform of hate, fear, distrust, and violence.  I have actually thought something did need to break the Washington Machine for it to ever change.  But this was the worst way it could have happened.  There was a tiny, secret part of me that actually thought that maybe he should win and people will get what they deserved and I hoped they would then regret what they did.  But I refused to ever say it.  I didn’t want to do anything to put any of that energy out into the world.  I didn’t really think he would win.

Congratulations to half of this country.  Your man won.  It just goes to show the country hasn’t progressed as far as we thought.  People who want to keep black people, Hispanics, Jewish people, Muslims, and women down so that they can continue to feel better about themselves have won.  People who feel that with the rise of all the people listed above that they have lost their power and that they need to take it back have won.  People who represent the lowest and worst of this country have won.  People with hate in their hearts have won.  People who think women are lower themselves and that women should have no control over their own bodies have won.  People who think men don’t need to control their own reactions and that women should be controlled in order to ‘protect them’ from the things they have been given the ‘go-ahead’ to do because ‘boys will be boys’ have won.

How is it that people who complain that Hilary is one of the ‘one percent’ have bought into the idea that Trump is not?  Trump came from money, always had money, borrowed a huge amount from his daddy to get his business started, and yet people think he knows what it is like to have to work his way up.  He never did.  He is a silver spoon baby and never knew what it was like to need money.   We don’t really know what he is worth because he wouldn’t provide his tax returns.  He did admit to finding enough loop holes to not pay any taxes for 13 years or something like that.  But he says he is worth a LOT but at the same time cheats his contractors and vendors by telling them thinks like, “we don’t have the money to pay you, we can only pay you 70 cents on the dollar.  You better take it because if you take it to court, you will probably win, but we can make it take so long that you will lose everything and go broke before you ever win.”

How is it that people will believe that a man who likes having portions of his companies overseas because he can pay the workers FAR less than he can in the United State will ever do anything to bring jobs back to the U.S.  He seems to think that he is some type of Roosevelt character who just has to build enough roads and bridges to put people back to work.  Roadwork goes on all year round here.  The roads are constantly being repaired.  Roadwork never stops.  Sure, many bridges are in a state where they need to be repaired.  But that was discovered years ago and most of those are in the process of being fixed all around this country.  He also implied that the problem with education is that we need more schools and he promised to build more schools and more hospitals.  We have enough schools and if you count Emergicare offices, we have facilities.  Building more isn’t going to solve the problems.  Repealing Obamacare isn’t going to help lower medical costs.  These issues are far deeper.  We need to pay teachers better; we need to make sure existing schools are supplied with the tools needed to teach kids.  We need to value students more as well.  Parents need to take more responsibility over their children’s behavior and student’s need to take more ownership of their own learning process.  The health industry has to stop gouging patients and more reasonable pricing needs to be put into place and enforced.  Building more schools and hospitals isn’t the solution.

One earbud fell out of my ear and I heard a girl near me say that her one vote wouldn’t make a difference.  The point is that if you put ever person saying that together, you have a block of votes that WOULD make a difference.  So I REALLY hate that saying.  Which leads me to how angry I feel towards people who didn’t vote for that reason, didn’t vote because they couldn’t be bothered, voted for third party candidates and threw away their vote or voted for a write-in and also threw away their vote.  Anyone voting for a write-in or a third party is actually voting for the person they LEAST want to win.  In nearly every case, that would have actually caused Trump to have lost those states rather than have won.

On the whole, I’m still in shock.  I could go on and on, but this is getting long enough as it is.  I’ve also lost my direction as I was working on this between tasks and at lunch.  I didn’t have the advantage of taking today off work.  There are so many things to talk about where this went wrong and will continue to go wrong that maybe I should save those for another time.

Did I die? Or are angels ice skating in hell?

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I’m such a pretty Sith Sorcerer.

So something happened today that has my brain in a dither.  It was announced that Disney is purchasing LucasArts.

Disney purchasing it isn’t the surprise.  Lucas selling it is.  Something has disrupted the space-time continuum.  This is not the Lucas with the Iron Grip that we all know and hate.

Since my mind is having trouble processing all information now, I shall go and play SWTOR.   Williams posted the trailer and now I feel I ought to go work on my Empire toons.

In memory of a broken ankle: laughing the pain away.

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My break must have been a hairline fracture, although they never said so, because I could never see it as clearly as you can on this picture.

This started out as a reply to a freshly pressed article and I realized it was a blog entry all on its own.

I remember when I broke my ankle a few (5 or 6 really) years back.  I fell half way down the steps.  There were four steps.  I broke my ankle on step three.  It’s all in how you land.  Now, I also severely sprained the other ankle.  I felt like I was going into shock.

I had enough first aid/CPR classes to feel aware of that and to know that shock can be fatal.  I was rushing to work, late, and all the neighbors had already left.  So I was a bit stuck, sitting on the sidewalk at the bottom of the steps, partly blocked from the view of the road by a creeping rose-bush in late June. 

I didn’t have access to a blanket and I had no way to lay down and elevate my feet.  Everything else was totally out of the realm of possibility.  So I did the only thing I could think up.  I sat there for a while doing the meditative breathing that I learned from a cassette tape of Daoist breathing mediations.  It seemed like a strange impulse buy one year but you would not believe how often those breathing exercises came in handy.

It was probably only 15 minutes.  I felt like everything was going back to normal.  I have always paid very close attention to body signals.  So I thought I was in the clear for going shocky.  But then I had to figure out how to get back UP the steps and into the house to call a friend to take me to the hospital.   Once I crawled up the steps on my hands and knees, now totally blocked from the view of any passers-by, and sat with my back against the door, my legs stuck out in front of me.  From that position, the dead bolt was completely out of reach.  Even standing on my knees, I was not able to reach it.  After about 10 minutes of gathering what strength I had, I pulled myself up onto my badly damaged feet and unlocked the door. 

This was not the end things.  You see, I didn’t keep a phone in the living room.  I had one in my bedroom and one in the kitchen and one in the basement.  I had yet to invest in a cell phone.  The nearest was the bedroom and I had to drag myself back there and make a call, then drag myself back to the livingroom couch (was next to the door) to wait.  And off the emergency I went.

Once there, I couldn’t  stop laughing.  I got a lot of strange looks.  They thought the right was sprained the left broken.  It was the other way around when the x-rays came back.  Some people thought I broke both of them.  And still I laughed.  Finally someone asked me why I was laughing.

I had two options.  Laugh or cry.  I was SO much pain.  Later, I would discover that the family of pain killers they wanted to give me didn’t work for me and I spent weeks in more pain than I should have.  But I broke my ankle falling two steps down.  Two steps.  I nearly broke both of them.  A little more pressure on the sprained one might have done it.  The sprained one turned twice as black as the broken one and must have swollen up twice as much too.  It was truly amazing to look at! 

There was too much to laugh about and why cry when you can laugh?

Oh, that’s the bbq sauce they used……

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I would have rather had this.

I had a serious shock to my system tonight.  I was planning to make a hamburger patty and a potato for dinner.  When I got home, the roommate asked if I was going to eat that leftover pizza for dinner.  I said no, it has pineapple on it.

Ten minutes later, I come back to the room w/ two slices of this very thin crust pizza on a plate.  I changed my mind when faced with having to cook rather than reheat something fast and easy.  Even if I don’t like cooked pineapple.

I bit in to it.  I made a face.  I looked at it and wondered what they did to it.  It tasted like they covered the crust with sugar before putting on the toppings.  I think I said it out loud because my roommate replied to me.

“No, they wouldn’t do that,” he said.

“Well, it is really really sweet.”

“Oh, that’s the bbq sauce they used…..”

Who puts bbq sauce on a pizza?  I am not eating the last two slices.