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No Internet

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internet-connection-imageI haven’t had any home internet access and I probably won’t get it until I get the electricity’s ‘new customer’ deposit paid off.  $200 dollars if you are not an existing customer.  The power has been in my former roommate’s name for the past 5 years.   That hurt.  I didn’t expect it to be that high.

So I didn’t bother to hook up my computer.  I finally did it Thursday night.  I wanted to build a house with my apartment’s layout and see how the sims dealt with it.  It will not be exact.  Sims actually will not let you do a bathroom like mine.  The game indicated there isn’t enough room for the door to open and close.  I find this very funny since the game was built to set out floor plans originally.  And my bathroom would not pass muster.

Instead I focused on getting my first ‘genie’ family in Sims three together so they can have kids before the man ages up to old age.  I’m having trouble getting them pregnant.  I couldn’t get them pregnant but I did get them to get married.

I am thinking that I should have waited to finish unpacking the rest of the boxes.  Having the computer up and running may slow that activity down.  My biggest problem is that at this point, until I can get two more book shelves, I’m somewhat stuck.  I have more stuff than I have space.  I can get a storage unit in the building but that is also going to have to wait until I get everything caught up and the cards I put the moving costs onto paid off.  The storage space.

The book shelves will be one in three weeks and one more four weeks after that.  My biggest issue will be getting them into the car and house.  The 35 lb boxed ones are no problem.  But these are the tall ones I need now and those are 50 lbs.  I may be able to get away with one tall one and one short one.  I want to do the tall one first to make sure.

I’m trying to accomplish my internet stuff before and after work at the office, in the meantime.  It is frustrating.  But I don’t know when it got so expensive.  It costs twice as much as it did when I last paid for internet.

Once again, Life Happens

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I have three half-started blogs in my notebook and on my computer.  But life happened.  We are training a new person.  One person is having to do a huge project due by Friday and is therefore of f normal duties.  This effectively puts us down two people.  So I jot down thoughts and notes as I can.

I tried getting up early to create more time to finish those but my Plantar Faciitis has been acting up very badly and I really lost any extra time I had.  I’m coming down with or already came down with a head cold.  The result is that I’m more muddle-headed in the evenings due to tiredness.  I zoned out on the couch with SeaQuest last night.

I haven’t even been working on stitching projects.  About the most I’ve been doing is breeding sims and trying to get more alien sims.  Sims 2 rather than Sims 3.  Sims 3 you can make green, red, or blue sims.  You don’t have to get them abducted by aliens to make alien babies.  Less of a challenge. 

I rather miss the supply officer from season one of SeaQuest.  He was funny.  I also think the original doctor was better.  The LT added the second season annoys me.  If you ever watched Red Dwarf, he is who Rimmer thought he should be rather that who Rimmer actually was.  And I’m not talking about Ace, who was pretty cool.  No, this is who Rimmer kept trying to be and thought he was, if only ‘they’ weren’t holding him back.

The Deluise brothers were good but never really filled the void the other actors left.  I think the show jumped the shark at the start of the second season with the addition of the new doctor and her ESP abilities.  I’m leery of season 3 because I think I remember not liking it.  What do you call jumping the shark a second time around in the same show?

Maybe one day I’ll finish the blogs of this week.  Maybe I never will.  I guess that is just life.

A Total Lack of Ambition

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I got my basic to-do list done.

On the way home, the roommate stopped off to test drive a Ford Ranger.  The sales person called him to find out a good time.  We were there for about 5 minutes.  I know it doesn’t sound like long, but it was 5 minutes in which we were totally ignored by sales staff who were wandering around doing nothing much.  The last one walked right past us to go out the door and then stand there doing nothing.  We left after that.

Got home and I made my Sims Death house. It took half an hour to create all the people and the house.  It took them 5 minutes to kill themselves off.

Dinner was a can of ready to eat clam chowder, and an extra tin of clams, some diet butter, and some extra seasoning.  I ate while watching Vandred.  I love the show.

Then I stitched for two more episodes.  I had to get up and walk around because the only comfortable stitching spot in the living room is to sit on the floor at the coffee table.  But it totally kills my feet.

Now I’ve gotten ready for bed and plan to stitch another hour.

I did NOTHING from my to-do list.  Not one little thing.  Other than make the list.

Does making the list count???

Do you torture Sims after having a bad day?

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I was in a somewhat cranky mood Monday and decided to build a Death House in Sims. But, by the time I got home to work on it, I thought it might be funnier to put a bunch of romance Sims in it and make them all attracted to the same things. So they all ended up having to also meet those requirements.

Everyone has black hair, make-up, and jewelry. They all find fat or stinky Sims unattractive.

To make things clear, this is Sims 2. I don’t like how Sims age when you switch houses in Sims 3. I spend time purposely cultivating Sims to pair up and then something unexpected happens when you return to one in another house.

So, 8 Sims moved into an unfurnished home and turned it into a very nice place: 1 Money Sim, 5 Romance Sims, and 2 Party Sims. I needn’t have bothered with the money Sim. They all wanted jobs anyway.

Their jobs have ended up rather spread out and they have no problems finding a place to sleep despite only 3 beds with the potential to sleep 5 people. Someone occasionally naps on the only loveseat. But no one ever ends up really sleep deprived.

With 8 people and only two showers and two toilets, you might think this would be a problem. So far, no one has been unable to get to a toilet when they needed one.

The dinning room only sits 4 but people manage to find seats among the chess stations.

So long as someone starts the smussle, no party ever fails. I guess it is because of all those happy, flirty Sims and all those fun, party Sims.

Despite wildly different personality types, everyone is getting along great! In fact, some people have fallen in love with more than one other person. You would think this would start some fights, but so far, none. It is really too bad they don’t initiate sex on their own. Maybe there is a better free will setting and I just haven’t found it yet.

I may have to build that Death House after all.

No floors.
Few lights.
Unfinished walls.
Holes in the roof.
Maybe even a small pool in the middle, w/ a diving board, but no ladder out.
No fire alarms.
One bathroom.
One or Two beds.
Little furniture.
Lots of food.
But no door.

They won’t need a house alarm. They can’t get robbed without a door.

I may even take it one step farther and make them all hate the same thing but make them all the thing they hate.

Sims 2 or Sims 3

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I went back to Sims 2 because there were a lot of things about it I missed.  Now I’m missing things about Sims 3.

Sims 3 Sims are slightly smarter in that they will not do the potty dance until they pee themselves and if they are hungry they will go eat.  In S2, they will complain about hunger then go paint, or use the dance bar.  The strange thing about S2 is that when they have totally depleted the fun meter, they will keep going to the dance bar if there is one on the lot even though this item gives no fun credit.

But Sims 3 Sims won’t do many things unless you control them.  If they are outside, they won’t just start finding things or collecting things.  S2 will start doing hobby stuff on their own if nothing else is going on. 

I do like that you don’t have to put your S3 people on the bed to get the WooHoo option.  But S3 people, no matter the personality characteristics, are much easier to get together than S2.  There is no challenge to it.  I can make total opposites and get them together in no time flat.  Sims 2’s sign based personalities are more likely to create people that just don’t get along.

I REALLY miss alien babies which is why I went back to S2.  I suddenly realized what I needed to do to create a town of aliens and wanted to work it out.  It was so obvious that I don’t know why I didn’t realize it before.  More than anything from S3, I miss being able to change the peoples wardrobes after ever birthday and modifying furnishings.  Some furniture items have no properly coordinating carpet or wall colors/coverings. 

In S3 I don’t like that they took out the environment meter.  Oh, I like that I not longer have Sims going nuts because of the dirty dishes.  But I used that meter to determine if I had made a good house or not. 

I miss the vampires, witches, zombies, and werewolves from S2.  Actually, I’ve never gotten a werewolf or a zombie yet.  So in that sense, I’m still finding S2 to have challenges in it.  I also like the fact that I have SOOO many more hair styles and clothing from which to pick.  I miss a lot of my favorite outfits from S2 when I play S3, especially for the school age kids.  The S3 outfits are pretty horrible for that one age group.  

I was a little disappointed in the personality characteristics of S3.  I expected more difference in behaviors when you let them go on their own.  But they all act mostly alike. 

S3 lets you set favorite colors.  But there is no boost to the Sim when if you have them in clothes that have the favorite color or make living spaces in the color of choice.  If it has no bearing on the give them favorite colors?

On the whole, I really can’t say if 2 or 3 is better.  Maybe it will be more obvious once there are more expansions for S3.