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An attempt to describe my migraine.

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Mini Hammers

Mini Hammers

I feel like someone is trying to play my skull like a musical instrument using those cute little hammers.  Most of the ‘notes’ being in one area with a smattering of ‘notes’ scattered over the rest of the skull.    All this after someone with me on one side of the face with a rubber mallet.  So my eyeball feels like it has swollen up to twice its size and can’t fit in the eye socket anymore so it might pop out any second.  This is on the same side as the large cluster of ‘notes’.  And then someone has grabbed my entire head and is trying to lift the skull off the spine or is trying to lift my entire body by pulling up on my head.  To top it all off, the same side that has the most pain also seems to have an earache.

Hollow Saints

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There was this challenge to do a short story in 100 words (118 in this case).  But you can’t really get an entire story in that many words, you only get a glimpse.  Is it a glimpse of action, a glimpse of personality, a glimpse of character development.  Maybe it is just a glimpse of the soul.  This is part fiction, part auto-biographical.  Make of it what you will.


It is the big, hollow eye-sockets that really get my attention.  I sit on the couch or the bed, reading, writing, working on projects.  It doesn’t matter which room.  They both have skulls sitting on book shelves, the TV stand, on top of cabinets that watch over me as I work.

I often say the reason I keep skulls around is because they are cheerful.  They are always smiling.  But if I’m honest, I think it is because of those hollow, empty eyes that seem to pierce the soul.

In truth, over the years, I’ve started to feel hollow myself.  I feel connected to them.  They are the saints that keep me, since I feel little connection to other symbols.

31 Days of Halloween – Days Three and Four

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I did not go to Case 39 after all.  I did watch Tomie.  Japanese horror based on a Manga.

Tomie was not as scary as I normally expect from Japanese horror.  But it did have the slightly slower pacing that you often see in Japanese films.  The start was a little weak but it got better. 

Many live action films based on Manga are very campy.  This was not campy at all.  So I was pleased.  Campy funny is good.  Campy horror is bad.


I did not get much done that was Halloween oriented.  I did bring two more Halloween items to work and I got the skeleton human and skeleton dog candle stands out and cleaned off the dresser top so I could get the dresser set up for Halloween.  I guess I did more than I thought.  I also got the black skull strobe light set up.