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It Smelled Like Wet Dog

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Wet Dog

Not long ago, I wrote about the pain I’ve been suffering the past few years.  Last Friday my doctor upped the pain medication for the nerve pain in my left thigh.  It has been feeling MUCH better. 

As for my feet, she recommended going up to night splints and physical therapy.  While on my support group, I was recommended a website that lets you select what foot or leg condition you have and it will show you night splints, shoe inserts, and types of shoes designed just for those conditions. 

I was looking at the picture of an ankle from the back.  It was showing the bone structure in normal shoes and their shoes.  The ‘normal’ shoe had the ankle curved inwards.  It looked a bit like a curved spine.  Their shoe showed a normal, straight, ankle.  This made me think a bit.

I stood up and concentrated on how my ankle and feet are positioned when I stand normally.  I then shifted a bit of my weight to the outside edges of my feet.  I could feel my ankles pull slightly upward and straighten out.  I realized that I’ve been standing and walking with a bad foot and ankle position.  I walked through the apartment and could feel a noticeable improvement in my normal levels of good and heel pain. 

I’ve had weak ankles as long as I can remember.  I was always twisting and spraining them when I was growing up.  I’m wondering if I’ve always been trying to grip with the bottom of my feet for more stability.  Could that lead to an inflamed Plantar Facsiia? 

I’ve spent all week concentrating on my weight distribution on my feet when I walk, trying to make sure I keep the ankle in a straight position.  I do have a little bit of ankle fatigue.  I’m sure it’s because I have to strengthen those muscles to work properly when the ankle is the proper position. 

I’m still have a lot of foot and heal pain in the mornings.  But it’s the pain through the day that is improving.  It doesn’t hurt every single time I get up and down.  I’m feeling a lot better. It is improving my mood.

In fact, today was the first day I felt good enough to go for a REAL walk. 

Blowing in the Wind

A walk outside. 

On real, uneven ground. 

Where the sidewalks slant slightly. 

On a hill where there are no flat sections. 

There is only up and down. 

It was windy and blustery. 

Cool and cloudy.

Slightly Sprinkling.

It was the perfect walk weather.

There was only one problem

It smelled like wet dog.

I do feel a bit more pain in my feet and shins and butt and back.  But I’m really out of shape now.  I want to try to walk every day now.  I hope I don’t pay for it tomorrow.  I have a friend’s wedding and weekend trip for it coming up soon  I’m down 2 lbs from last week and would love to lose another 5 lbs in the next two weeks.  I think I can manage it if I can walk every day and watch what I eat.  It would also be a pleasant surprise for my doctor if I was down 5 lbs by my next appointment.

Random Lunch-Time Update

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I shall have to clock back in from lunch soon so I shall type a few sentences to share.

Due to a technical difficulty, I can’t post pictures for an update on the TARDIS project, the pumpkin project, the yarn projects, and various other projects. (I left the cord in another bag)

I did use most of lunch to try to catch up with all the blogs I follow.  I’ve gotten a bit behind.

News articles left me feeling more misanthropic and politically annoyed than usual and I may rant about it at another time.  If I remember.

Half a dose of Pain Killer PM is enough to make you drowsy enough to sleep through alarms but is not enough pain killer to make a pulled muscle and headache go away quickly.  I’m pretty sure it was the cat’s fault.

Coffee taste never lives up to smell and it takes 14 creamers and 10 sugars to make it at least drinkable.

Why do people think their claims can be handled within three hours of being turned in?  In an age when 3 minutes in a microwave is too long to wait everything must get done instantly.  Right?

I’m rereading too many of my Terry Pratchett books.  I found myself writing about ‘punnes’, you know, plays on words.

I have a large stack of fantasy, mystery, sci-fi novels to read and I keep buying more, but they just seem to dark and I’m not in the mood for dark.  So I keep rereading the lighter, amusing stuff I already own.

Time may be up now.


Nose Pollution, Aroma or Smell Pollution?

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I wonder what you would call intense and unpleasant odors.  I would think it would be air pollution.  To be clear here, I’m not talking about something obvious.  Not a pig farm.  Not driving into a town with a lot of lumber mills.  This is about smelly stores in the mall. Leather smells lovely.  Until you go into an exlusive leather store and the scent leads to an instant migraine.  Candles can also be pleasant.  Up to the point you enter a small confined space filled with thousands of differently scented candles.

But what about the interior corridors of the mall?  How far should those scents be allowed to extend?  I ask this as I recover from a serious sinus episode triggered last thursday after work.  I walked past the store.  I was not even on the same side of the hall as the store.  I was across the way.  My sinuses instantly filled and began a non-stop process that led to complete congestion and a sore throat and me losing my voice. 

Saturday I realized I no longer could taste anything.  My lemon italian ice just tasted like shaved ice.  No flavor at all.  I realized that my unsatisfying lunch and dinner were due to lack of taste.  Sunday continued along the same linrd.  So I didn’t make anything special.  In fact, Cottage Cheese makes a handy meal when you can’t taste anything.  It is smooth and cold and easy to eat.  Have it with some milk to coat that itchy, dry, painful throat.  It hurt more from coughing than anything else.

This morning was much better.  I could taste food for the first time in days.  I had picked up a biscuit and gravy from the breakfast counter.  Not one of my favorite things.  I find it to be a very bland meal.  I’m not big on country gravy at all.  Pepper.  Lots of spicy black pepper.  I could taste it.  It was wonderful.  It was the best thing to pass over my taste buds since Friday afternoon.  Or was it Thursday?  It seems so long ago.  The day I picked up Indian take away and had Lamb Vindaloo with Indian Rice and Paratha.  I think the only reason I could taste that is because it was hot hot hot.  It was heaven in a red sauce. 

But back to smells, and odors, and aromas, and stench.  When a shop is so overpoweringly smelly that it makes shoppers sick, I think they need to re-examine their ventilation issues.   I’ll avoid that end of the mall from now on.  I really don’t want to go through another sinus infection triggered by smelling perfumed wax.