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Today has been pre-empted by work, sleepiness, spring, and an overwhelming desire to find a nap spot.

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ARG, my number in the orange box went down today. Probably because I have not posted a blog.

But my eyes are burning and my feet are too hot and my bed is singing siren songs to bring me back to home and sweet sweet slumber. 

Now, can I use my coat and shoes and unobtrusively make a bed under my cubicle desk?

Spring Ahead

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Daylight Savings time gets longer and longer and standard time shorter and shorter.  I hate the time change forward and it always confuses people.

The reminder at work said, “Don’t forget to set your clocks ahead.  You may be losing one hour of sleep, but the sun will rise to great you earlier!”


The sun doesn’t rise earlier.  It rises at the same time.  We just think it is later.  NOT earlier.  6:00 am daylight savings is really 5:00 am standard.  So the sun seems to be getting up later and staying up later at night. 

The person who wrote the reminder should be flogged.  Okay, perhaps that is a tad bit harsh.  I’m just grumpy because I forgot to turn on my alarm.  I also got confused and changed my clocks a day late.  I changed them Sunday afternoon instead of Saturday.  If I was really smart, I would have changed them Friday after work, so I had all weekend to adjust to the time change.

If they made a medication that caused a 10% increase in heart attacks, it would never get approved.  But the spring ahead change in time causes a 10% increase in heart attacks but that is okay.  How it happens, the disruption of sleep rhythms triggering it in people already at high risk, makes perfect sense to me.  But the government deciding that it is an okay exchange for an extra hour of sun in the evening does not make sense to me. 

Maybe if they just change time time for good we can stop this bouncing around.  Standard time only last 4 months now anyway.  Then the world wouldn’t feel so disconbobulated every spring.