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January 1 Some info on Resolutions courtesy of and

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I was planning on making a New Year’s Resolution to make no resolutions.  But then I realized that in itself was a resolution so I didn’t.  Then I opened up my new daily tear away caledar from, called The Pessimist.


It seems that 45% of Americans Usually make them but only 8% of those succeed.   If I did my math right, 8% of 45 is 3.6 people out of a base of 100.  45% of 100 people is 45 people then 8% of 45 people is 3.6 people. 

So, your odds of reaching a New Years Resolution are on par with your odds of have been born, or having a child who is born, with autism.  (That last bit is from me)


38% of Americans don’t make resolutions. 

ME: Hey, I have joined them.  This particular group I s 100% successful in reaching goals they refuse to set.  YAY!  You have to take your successes where you find them.


 The younger you are, you are a bit more likely to actually achieve your resolutions.  The older you are, the more likely you are doomed to fail.   

(Me:) Maybe younger people are more focused, more vain, or more selfish.  Older people have so many more demands and responsibilities that they are not able to focus on their own resolutions as much.


Out of all those people who fail to make their resolutions, 24% of them still make resolutions every year.  Apparently, these are the eternal optimist.  If we cannot avoid them we are advised to mock them openly by the Pessimist Daily Calendar.

 If you Resolve to eat more, move less, and expect the worst you will be more likely to succeed than if you resolve to eat less, move more, and expect the best.


Hmmm, I think I like this calendar.

The Site Stats Page Makes Me Crave More Information

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Today is a strange day at work. It is an even stranger day on Word Press. I’ve had very few views. But they come from Russian Federation and Australia with one view from the UK and the USA.

The search terms are even stranger.

Game of Thrones Forehead. Since I don’t have cable, I don’t know why there is a forehead reference in conjunction with Game of Thrones. I do understand how I might have popped up in a search and I think I have three blogs that have dealt with the title and the book and why I wasn’t watching the show.

Mary Kate Daddy Issues. Yep, I wrote a blog on this last week. I am just surprised my humble little blog would pop up in a search.

Something Old Something New Something Borrowed Something Blue. Hmmm, this one is harder to figure out. I’ve not used the saying before. I’ve not had many blogs about weddings. I HAVE had a fair number of blogs about the Tardis and Doctor Who in which I have mentioned blue any number of times and may have used it as a tag. Most often this happens in the blogs where I discuss the Tardis Project.

In fact, when I go to my all time summary of search terms, “Tardis” is the search that has most often brought people to me. To be completely accurate, out of all the Tardis searches it is Tardis Graph Paper that pulls people in.

Variations on twilight anesthesia are also common. I guess I’m not the only one who had an unpleasant experience when I was coming off the anesthesia.

My views have drastically dropped since WordPress isn’t sharing with Facebook in the manner it should. This has been more than a little disturbing for me. I didn’t think I cared about that until the numbers started dropping so terribly low.

When I see some of the odder countries, at least odd in relation to what I’m posting about, I wish they could tell me what was viewed. What did that person in Kenya read? How did that person in Singapore get routed to me? What have I talked about that Albanians find interesting?

I think stat’s page gives me just enough info to actually make me more curious and crave more information than it is capable of detailing.