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Commercials and Actor Changeovers

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I realize that I’m better off without t.v. when I see all the commercials I’ve been missing out on.  I’m glad I’m missing them.  They are bad commercials.  Stupid commercial are even worse than just bad commercials.  Like the commercial that looks like a trailer for a really bad Christmas romcom that is actually an ad for appliances, maybe it was Sears, not sure.  And the commercial for a treatment program that claimed that because it wasn’t a 12-step program, it could actually cure, completely cure, addictions, just pissed me off.  I think it was also faith-based and that pissed me off more.  The idea that you can completely ‘cure’ alcoholism is just wrong.

I have to mention one commercial I saw for Law and Order SVU.  It ‘looked’ like a static photo.

It is a post-Elliot add and the new new people are closest to the front.  Well, except for Olivia. She was right up front.  The thing that annoyed me was that Munch was shoved in the very back.  You could barely see him.

Suddenly, Richard Belzer, the actor who plays Munch, shifts back and forth, like he is trying to fit better in the gap at the very back so people can see him.  The image isn’t a static shot.  Everyone else is just so still that it looks like a photo instead of ‘rolling’ film, so to speak.

It really bothered me that a character that had been on the show since the start was shoved all the way to the back like that.  I haven’t seen it in a few years. At least not the new seasons.  I’m almost glad.  It’s not the same show without Elliot Stabler.

When they started adding characters to Law and Order CI, without Goren and Eames, the show was not the same.  And as much as I love Goldblum, I didn’t like him on that show at all. I just couldn’t watch it.

In England, shows like this usually change out the lead characters every year or two.  That way, the show doesn’t become tied to the performers.  They want the show to be bigger than the characters.  On this side of the pond, we get attached to our characters and very loyal to them.  without those characters, the show becomes a different show and we can easily lose interest.

It is probably the one thing that really bothers me when I watch British shows like MI5 and Prehistoric.  To much cast change over drives me bonkers.  In fact, after one of the change overs, I haven’t watched MI5 in over a year.  I can’t remember how many seasons I watched.  2.5?  3?  Not really sure anymore.  It’s been a long time.

Netflix could tell me.  It remembers where I was at.