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Oh, that’s the bbq sauce they used……

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I would have rather had this.

I had a serious shock to my system tonight.  I was planning to make a hamburger patty and a potato for dinner.  When I got home, the roommate asked if I was going to eat that leftover pizza for dinner.  I said no, it has pineapple on it.

Ten minutes later, I come back to the room w/ two slices of this very thin crust pizza on a plate.  I changed my mind when faced with having to cook rather than reheat something fast and easy.  Even if I don’t like cooked pineapple.

I bit in to it.  I made a face.  I looked at it and wondered what they did to it.  It tasted like they covered the crust with sugar before putting on the toppings.  I think I said it out loud because my roommate replied to me.

“No, they wouldn’t do that,” he said.

“Well, it is really really sweet.”

“Oh, that’s the bbq sauce they used…..”

Who puts bbq sauce on a pizza?  I am not eating the last two slices.

Today has been pre-empted by work, sleepiness, spring, and an overwhelming desire to find a nap spot.

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ARG, my number in the orange box went down today. Probably because I have not posted a blog.

But my eyes are burning and my feet are too hot and my bed is singing siren songs to bring me back to home and sweet sweet slumber. 

Now, can I use my coat and shoes and unobtrusively make a bed under my cubicle desk?