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What happened to my quiet time?

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I can’t think in the mornings. To start out with, I am not a morning person. It is odd because since the time change Sunday, I’ve been waking up at 4:30, what would have been 5:30, which is earlier than I normally got up anyway.

The upside is that I can usually get to work early for some morning OT. The down side is that I start to drag long before lunch hour.

When we first moved to this new building, those of us who started at 7:30 had a very quiet office to work in. It was a peaceful start to get a jump on a productive day. Now it is a loud, noisy, bustling place at 7:30 am. It is annoying, distracting, and makes it impossible to get a good jumpstart on the day.

It doesn’t help that all the new people ever hired to replace anyone or to build up the numbers in the unit to deal with increasing business have all wanted to start at 7:30. So 8:00 people left and were replaced with 7:30 people. This doesn’t help the afternoon when we need coverage for the last half hour of the day. The newest hire wasn’t given a choice.

This is why I try to get to work extra early, so I can get my quiet time back. I need that peace to get my brain in gear before the distractions start, if I don’t then the distractions keep me from working as I want to. I find myself staring at the monitors trying to find that place of stillness and peace and balance from whence all effectiveness flows.

The unit next to us now is a recovery unit who are on the phones nearly as often as my unit. The problem is that most of them get to work even earlier than us. Some mornings they are working in silence and other mornings they are loud and boisterous. This means that even if I get to work early I can’t find my peaceful, quiet, time that gives me that edge the remainder of the day.

It doesn’t help that we are now using a TPA that is so bad that half of our complaint calls are all about them and 100% of the calls about the TPA are complaint calls. It is so stressful anymore that I dread opening a file and seeing the name that indicates the file went to the TPA. It’s enough that I’m contemplating job hunting and I really don’t want to do that. I’m finally making a decent wage and I don’t want to have to start over again at a starting wage.

If only I had my peace and quiet in the mornings once again and maybe I would have my equilibrium in place before the day started. But maybe even that would no longer help. I don’t rightly know anymore. I just have to take it one day at a time.

Morning Out of Time

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It was a very strange morning today. I left for work and wondered if my clocks were wrong. But there area a lot of clocks. They couldn’t ALL be wrong?

The parking lot was full of all the usual cars. The usual cars for the evening. It was like no one went to work today.

I know it is Tuesday. I had a weekend and I worked yesterday. It was game night on top of everything. So I know it was a Monday last night. That means Tuesday is today. Unless someone forgot to tell me the calendar was changed.

Given that it looked like no one in the entire apartment complex went to work today, there was a great deal of traffic. I don’t know where they were all going but when I got to work the parking garage was unusually empty as well.

As far as I know, there isn’t a new holiday that happens on Tuesday. It isn’t July yet. But the 4th is on a Wednesday. So why is it so empty?

And things are very quiet today. And slow. The whole day feels odd. I just hope is doesn’t drag this much all day. Maybe I should go run an errand at lunch. To cut up the day. Or not. I have my happy tea and my happy book and my happy Pomegranate Greek yogurt.

It’s been over an hour and I swear, it still feels like this day is somehow happening out of time. It’s an odd odd morning.

Mile Markers and Obligations

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I am told that there is this obligatory, “I’ve hit some mile marker and must post random stats,” blog one must do.  Since I didn’t do it at 100 I’m supposed to do it now that I hit 150. 

I started this in 2010 but couldn’t really get into the swing of it until a few months back and now seem to be going like gangbusters. I usually post daily. I occasionally miss a day, but that is made up by the fact that some days I post extra posts.  There are days that just trigger more thoughts that want to be blogged than others. 

And yes, it is the thoughts themselves that sometimes want to be blogged.  Sometimes, they are like characters in a story you are working on that really want your attention and really want to do something or other you didn’t plan.

This morning, when I collected my data, some of which has changed now, I only had 1704 all time views.  But most of it was since earlier this year.  I’ve not been Freshly Pressed and actually would be shocked if that ever happened.  So I’m not overly worried about it.  I don’t need to be the person with the most friends or the most followers to be happy. 

My busiest day was 4-12-12.  I posted two blogs and I think I reposted one.  I couldn’t tell when I looked at the stats today, but if I remember correctly, the most viewed blog that day was one I had posted a day or three before. 

When I look at the most common search terms that led people to my blog, all of the ones tied for first place contain “TARDIS”.  Go figure.

The top countries for visits are not too surprising. 

  1. USA
  2. Canada
  3. United Kingdom

Given the most common search word, this should have been expected.

Some countries kind of surprised me:Pakistan,RepublicofKorea,United Arab Emirates,Kenya,Singapore,Malaysia,Saudi Arabia,Ghana,Ecuador,Chile,Serbia, and theUkraine.

The most viewed page is Homepage/Archives.  Should I even count that?  Number two is Tardis and Creativity.  Number three is The Void – a Rift in the Space Time Continuum. 

I have no idea how to hide a link under a word.  If I did, I would do that.  To make it easier to find for people who might have missed them. So I will do it the messy way.

I’m not sure why this is obligatory.  I’m not sure that any of it means anything to anyone other than me.  But here it is for your viewing pleasure.

The Monday Blahs

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I’m feeling particularly Blahish today.  I was up too late playing SW’TOR.  I hoped to get my Sith Inquisitor up to lvl 16 and on her ship.  Her first companion would be a freaky looking, non-romanceble monster.  But that is my Dark Path character and he is a good guide for convo options that lead farther down the dark path.  I plan to play a Light Path Sith and a Dark Path Jedi as well to see what happens. 

Shadowrun is on hiatus for 6 weeks.  The GM’s creative writing course is ‘kicking him in the ass’ and he feels he can’t do both right now.  He is up to still getting together on Mondays, just so long as it isn’t a game he has to run and put time, effort, and energy into.  I know I shouldn’t end a sentence that way, but my brain just isn’t up to rewriting the sentence.  I think it goes back to staying up way to late on a Sunday night. 

But there will be NO Monday meeting tonight.  I do have a dinner tonight with my stitching group.  Petrow’s.  Yummy food.  Reasonable prices.  Good conversation.  And I get to give a scarf away.  If I finish it at lunch.  I should.  There is only a small amount of yarn left and then I just have to stitch up the tails.

I also got a Tardis all drawn out.  I may stop at the fabric store and try to pick something out.  I think I’ll make it up into a throw pillow.  I’ve pretty much decided on two forms right now.  A bluework piece on black and a blackwork piece.  The advantage is that I can use the same basic outline.  I’ll do the easier one first.  I’m leaning towards doing it on black silk, black velvet, or black crushed velvet.  Not sure yet.  I’ll have to take a look at the fabric first.

The morning is passing in extreme tedium and I’m dying here.  I’ve planned, plotted, and toyed with all sorts of ideas.  I re-organized all the desk top icons.  I read an article last week on why John Carter tanked at the box office and am thinking about writing a blog discussing those points and explaining why it was actually a good movie and people really ought to go see it.  But then my brain reminds me that it won’t be properly awake for a while longer and that is too much work right now. 

I would be so much happier if the phone were ringing off the hook with new claim calls.  I love busy days.  Well, sometimes I hate them.  But I always love how fast they make the day pass.

I’m trying to work out my plans for Saturday.  I have a wedding shower to attend and an Austinian tea party to attend.  Thankfully, it is not on Sunday.  I have a stitching group that day.  It would have been too much to juggle.  I don’t have appropriate period dress, but that is okay.  If I have fun, I can always make something up.  The hostess is short and large chested as well and has patterns she figured out for dealing with that issue.  I mean Austinian as in a Jane Austin recreationist group.  Just in case people didn’t figure that one out.

I’ve known for years that I have too many hobbies.  I wish days were longer but people still only needed the same amount of sleep.  Then I might find time to do more of them.  Or keep them all caught up at the same time.  I suppose I better focus.  Maybe some serious caffeine will help.

Spring Ahead

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Daylight Savings time gets longer and longer and standard time shorter and shorter.  I hate the time change forward and it always confuses people.

The reminder at work said, “Don’t forget to set your clocks ahead.  You may be losing one hour of sleep, but the sun will rise to great you earlier!”


The sun doesn’t rise earlier.  It rises at the same time.  We just think it is later.  NOT earlier.  6:00 am daylight savings is really 5:00 am standard.  So the sun seems to be getting up later and staying up later at night. 

The person who wrote the reminder should be flogged.  Okay, perhaps that is a tad bit harsh.  I’m just grumpy because I forgot to turn on my alarm.  I also got confused and changed my clocks a day late.  I changed them Sunday afternoon instead of Saturday.  If I was really smart, I would have changed them Friday after work, so I had all weekend to adjust to the time change.

If they made a medication that caused a 10% increase in heart attacks, it would never get approved.  But the spring ahead change in time causes a 10% increase in heart attacks but that is okay.  How it happens, the disruption of sleep rhythms triggering it in people already at high risk, makes perfect sense to me.  But the government deciding that it is an okay exchange for an extra hour of sun in the evening does not make sense to me. 

Maybe if they just change time time for good we can stop this bouncing around.  Standard time only last 4 months now anyway.  Then the world wouldn’t feel so disconbobulated every spring.

One Hour to Sleep . . . Or maybe none.

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I was reading a blog that reminded me of a study we talked about in my college days.  I believe we discussed it in Educational Psych class. 

The study indicated that students should be sent home with 2.5 hours of homework every school day.  This lead to a lot of teachers assigning far more homework than before.  In fact, each teacher was trying to send students home with 2.5 hours homework for each class. 

This was a topic in my Ed class because of the fact that the study’s findings were not written about in the clearest fashion when what they really meant was that the entire homework load for all clsses should be 2.5 hours. 

The way some school districts were trying to interperet the study and assuming 6 classes a day (some schools do have more) then that is 15 hours of homework.  Add that to 6 hours in school, one hour traveling time you are up to 22 hours a day.  Adn if you eat dinner and have any chores, you run right out of hours in the day.

I’m not sure how long districts tried to follow this policy.  But it couldn’t have been for too long.  The natural result would be kids not getting anyof, or very little of, the homework done.

The Inconsistency of Time

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This year is 2/3rds through.  It felt like it just started.  I can’t even say that a month feels like a week.  In feels more like 2 or three days.  If time is racing along this fast when I’m 40 I cannot imagine how it will seem when I am 60 or 80. 

On the other hand, today is so very slow that I’m ready to eat my lunch nearly three hours early simply to feel as if some time is passing.  I keep getting up to walk around to office to try and make it go more quickly. 

How can weeks fly by so quickly you that hardly start one and suddenly it’s the start of a new one while individual says can last an eternity?

It can also be the Holiday Effect.  Monday we are closed for Labor Day.  We know that we have a three day weekend coming up if we can only get through this day.  Our brains have mentally taken today off as well.  Even thought we are at work, part of our soul is vacationing already and the split in the mental process is influencing how we perceive the current passage of time.

I want to be with that portion of myself that has already gone off for the long weekend.  Not stuck at a desk with a work load that seems to be taunting me like children on a playground.  Neinner Neinner Neinner! 

I wish I could just stumble across Warehouse 13 or the Nightside.  Reality is such a pain.  If time is going to be fast and slow at the same time rather than follow natural laws then I should be entitled to suffer it an environment more interesting than an insurance office in a midsized conservative city that thinks Husker Football is the ultimate entertainment.