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To Do List; or, Why does travel trigger a cleaning frenzy in women?

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I have an ambitious night ahead of me.  I have to sort the clean laundry and pack what I need for 4 days. I’m going to Breckenridge Colorado for wedding for some friends.

I have to wash the dirty laundry because I’m sure there area couple items I want for the weekend.  I’ll throw in the sheets and remake the bed. 

I want to get all the dishes cleaned and put away.

I need to shower again to try to get the last of the grease paint out of my hair.  I didn’t put it in my hair but some got into my hair as I was trying to get it off my face.

In addition to cleaning the litter box area and making it all fresh and ready for the cats, I want to clean the entire bathroom so it is clean when I get home.

Washing up tonight means I can pack ‘most’ of my toiletries and bathroom stuff tonight and not worry about it in the morning.

I need to set up four-day feeding and watering stations for the cats.  although I will be home half way through the fourth day. 

I think I would like to clean up the bedroom so that I’ll come home to a nice tidy bed.

This is where we will be staying for 3 nights, Tomahawk Lodge in Breckenridge CO.

I’m working the day after we get back, so it would be nice to have a tidy and neat apartment when we get back.  That probably means I should put away the Halloween stuff early this year.  Leave the more autumnal stuff out and set out the more Thanksgiving specific stuff.

Basically, I’m going to try to fit in an entire Fall Cleaning ritual in about 4 hours, while hoping my roommates class runs the full-time. 

I have not even started on my plans for tonight and I already feel the need for this.

Not to mention I want to watch a show or two, do a little stitching, and take some screen shots and do a couple of blogs for which I’ll try to set up publication dates during the time I’m gone.

What is it about going on a trip that causes women to go into a frenzy of cleaning?  Is it learned behavior?  Because I know my mom did it.  Do men suffer this compulsion?  My roommate is a naturally neat and tidy male.  Most I know have not been.  I knew that he, and most other men I’ve met over the years, often just grab their stuff and go.  So I don’t really see men as the ‘gotta clean’ now type.

I also need to take a book or two, a stitching project, a crochet and/or knitting project for riding in the car, and some food prep and take my tea.  Oh, I don’t want to forget the lap top for extra photo storage.

Maybe I need to take two suitcases?  One for clothes and bathroom things and one for stuff to do?

I’m getting tired just thinking about it.  And I have to work a half hour late today.  ARG!

Once Upon a Hamburger

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The Burgers Went Missing


Cheap hamburgers

Cheap crappy hamburgers.

 Cheap, crappy, warmed over, gas station hamburgers wrapped in foil gently aging under heat lamps.

Once upon a time these were the mainstay of long road trips when meal time rolls around and the nearest food joint is over an hour away.  They were the life saving ambrosia at 1:00 am when you’ve decided to drive through the night to cut out a hotel bill.

A thin slab of processed mystery meat a worrisome shade of grey and a plain old bun.  If you eat them too often you may get ill. But once in a while, under the right circumstances, they taste like the best thing on Earth.


Or they once did.


I slept late today.  I’ve been up until midnight or later all week long.  I wanted to squeeze every last second of sleep I could get this morning.  No time for making breakfast.


All I wanted, all I CRAVED was a crappy, foil wrapped, gas station hamburger.


No one had them anymore.


They had cheese burgers and strange potato things shaped like hot dogs.  They had crispy burrito things.  I’ve tried them before and don’t like them. It’s the strange, processed, mystery cheese they put in them.  I don’t like it.  The warming trays where the hamburgers used to sit are filled with breakfast biscuits with sausage, chicken or ham with cheese or egg and cheese. 


They have hamburgers in the cold section.  They make the break look fancier, put cheese on them, and are trying to make the meat look and sound more upscale.  But then you have to microwave it.


(Side note: if you are driving thought a state that does not tax groceries.  If you buy it cold and then heat it you do not get charged tax.  If you heat it first then buy it, you are charged tax.  Cold it is a grocery.  Heated it is fast food. Strange rule.)


I think that gas stations are trying to offer ‘trendier’ food in an effort to seem more upscale.  But they put cheese on EVERYTHING.


I like cheese.  I like it for itself.  I like to try different kinds of cheese.  I like it plain or on a cracker.  I do not like it on or in most foods.  And the strange cheese used in fast food is even worse.


You can’t find a classic, gas station burger.  At least not at the places I stopped this morning.  The type of burger that makes you think of Wimpy and makes you want to say, “I’ll gladly pay you tomorrow for a burger today” just for the amusement factor.  So many of the people working at gas stations are too young to recognize the quote anymore.


I did not get any of the alternatives.  I decided to skip it and mourn the passing of a cultural icon to convenient travel food.


Pre-Halloween Rant

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I am so far behind. And I forgot to record the first bill I paid for the 2 week cycle, so I can’t buy the last little details for my desk decorations.

I don’t even want to start on how far behind I am at home. I’ll get it finished and be set up for NEXT Halloween.

The more I try to organize my in progress projects and my hobby stuff, the more disorganized my entire home ends up. I’m beginning to feel overwhelmed.

I have to get laundry done and I didn’t get up early enough to go get my car moved to my apartment to load up the laundry. I’ll have to try for tomorrow. Or maybe I’ll luck out after work today and I won’t have to park 3 blocks from home. I hate carrying my laundry bags three blocks though the heavily visited Old Market area.

I went to grab my camera to bring to work. I want to take pictures of my Bayou inspired Halloween ides and I couldn’t find it. I wasted 20 minutes looking for it. So tonight I will jump on the Great Camera Hunt of 2010.

A co-worker is making me very angry. It’s been going on for three days. Now I feel like she is saying I took her pink zipper folder. I really have to get some pictures of me to use here because you will see that a pink zipper folder is not going to tempt me.

I have two nights to get ready for the Halloween Party and the Trip. I have not enough time. I will take a notebook to make some notes. Funny how that works. I decided to jump on the NaNoWriMo band wagon. See how it goes.

I’m cranky with Washington state that is having the bad form to talk about suspending refs who were donating their paycheck to Breast Cancer Research and using pink whistle. The pink whistles were getting them suspended. It flies in the face of what high school athletics is supposed to teach kids. Teaching community spirit by building team spirit. Teaching people to work together for a common cause.

I’m super pissed off about the Texas school who had a star player plea bargain his rape charges down and the school let him stay on the team and punished his cheerleader victim when she wouldn’t chant his name. That teaches the students that boys are more important than girls and rape or any assault is acceptable behavior for athletes.

I’m mildly cranky at the community in New York that tried to get a woman’s tree house for her daughters removed. Instead, the courts finally ruled in favor of the woman and declared it an historical landmark because her house is in an historical district and because of whom her house once belong to. But at least the system finally supported some one who deserved support.

My last cranky item is Superman’s new ‘edgy’ look. They are trying to draw in the Twilight crowd. Some thought Superman’s new look was too emo. What really got me was the glowing red eyes. Not only did they make him look emo, they made him look like an emo demon. I hate superman’s makeover even more than I hate Wonder Woman’s makeover.

I think that is the end of my rant today.

Forward Retreat!

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I would really like to go to the Nordic Needle retreat next April.  But boy is it expensive. 

The registration is 350$.  Okay, this covers conference rooms for the classes and food and probably teacher’s fights and hotel rooms. 

The class fees are reasonable enough that it makes me thing the class fees are only paying the teachers for their teaching.  It certainly is not enough to cover plane tickets/hotel bills unless the class sizes are bigger than I would expect.  I want to take the two Japanese stitching classes and the Jacobean black and goldwork class. 

Then there is my hotel bill and driving expense.  The minimum I would need is 1100$.  This does not include any shopping money. 

I figure I would have to set aside 75$ each payday until the retreat.  I’m not going to be able to do that for another payday.  And not this one I just had either.  That means I’m starting out two payday’s short.

Some friends want me to move in with them and I wanted to wait until the new landlady redoes the bathrooms.  That is one of her top goals on her long list of things to fix.  The former landlord wasn’t so good at keeping stuff in good repair.

Maybe I should do it sooner.  After all, 160$ a month savings over 5 months would be 800$ of the 1100$ I need to save up. 

I could fly home for a vacation that is twice as long for half the money.  Only trouble is that I actually want to do BOTH. 

Or I should save for 2012 and pay off some bills first.  160$ a month would wipe out a couple right quick.  But I’ve wanted to go on this retreat for several years now. 

And now that I think on it, if I timed it for going to Hawaii with my folks (there is always the sofa bed in their timeshare). I could save up for another trip to Hawaii or get the camera I’ve been wanting.

I think that I need to stop thinking about it.  I should by some ceramic jars and label them.  Camera fund, Hawaii fund, Treadmill fund, Nordic Needle fund, Liposuction fund.  Save my pennies.  See where it takes me.