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I discovered that people have come to my sight using a disturbing search combination of search words.

I like the cartoon Phineas and Ferb. I think it is clever, witty, and entertaining. It appeals on an adult level as much as on the kids level the writers aim for. Actually, I suspect the writers of the show are actually writing it for themselves, which is why it works for adults as well.

What I find disturbing is that there are people out there searching for p . o . r . n . Phineas and Ferb porn. Sorry, none here. Move along now.

I know I’m a little twisted but that is just disturbing.

I’ve probably over used that word now.

Death by Cat

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I attempted death by cat today.  It isn’t fun.

This is when you are in a rush and are heading for your shoes, so you can leave for work, and step over a cat laying near your destination.  The cat becomes convinced you are going to step ON him rather than over him.  He jumps up, hitting your foot, causing you to lose your balance.  Instead of landing on the open space, your foot comes down on the shoe you were after.  This causes you to completely topple over and fall on your back.

You realize you twisted your ankle and you don’t like the signals your back muscles and things are sending to your brain.  Grabbing some ice for the ankle and another for the back, you discover that there is no comfortable position to lay or sit in other than the recliner.  But it doesn’t work so well for keeping the ankle above heart level.

After a day of ice, I mostly kept swelling down to a minimum.  Both ankles hurt and seem swollen as my slip-on’s are too tight.  I can see some swelling but no obvious bruising.  I thought it started to bruise but realized it was  actually a blue vein under my cold skin.  My wrist hurts in a rather strange fashion.  I think it was from catching some of my weight when I fell.  My knee hurts as well.  I think it got slightly wrenched.

At first, the cat hid from the monster attempting to fall on it.  But then he kept trying to make nice.  I’m dreading the walk down the steps to my car so I can run pay rent.  The walk up the step will probably be worse.