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Mile Markers and Obligations

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I am told that there is this obligatory, “I’ve hit some mile marker and must post random stats,” blog one must do.  Since I didn’t do it at 100 I’m supposed to do it now that I hit 150. 

I started this in 2010 but couldn’t really get into the swing of it until a few months back and now seem to be going like gangbusters. I usually post daily. I occasionally miss a day, but that is made up by the fact that some days I post extra posts.  There are days that just trigger more thoughts that want to be blogged than others. 

And yes, it is the thoughts themselves that sometimes want to be blogged.  Sometimes, they are like characters in a story you are working on that really want your attention and really want to do something or other you didn’t plan.

This morning, when I collected my data, some of which has changed now, I only had 1704 all time views.  But most of it was since earlier this year.  I’ve not been Freshly Pressed and actually would be shocked if that ever happened.  So I’m not overly worried about it.  I don’t need to be the person with the most friends or the most followers to be happy. 

My busiest day was 4-12-12.  I posted two blogs and I think I reposted one.  I couldn’t tell when I looked at the stats today, but if I remember correctly, the most viewed blog that day was one I had posted a day or three before. 

When I look at the most common search terms that led people to my blog, all of the ones tied for first place contain “TARDIS”.  Go figure.

The top countries for visits are not too surprising. 

  1. USA
  2. Canada
  3. United Kingdom

Given the most common search word, this should have been expected.

Some countries kind of surprised me:Pakistan,RepublicofKorea,United Arab Emirates,Kenya,Singapore,Malaysia,Saudi Arabia,Ghana,Ecuador,Chile,Serbia, and theUkraine.

The most viewed page is Homepage/Archives.  Should I even count that?  Number two is Tardis and Creativity.  Number three is The Void – a Rift in the Space Time Continuum. 

I have no idea how to hide a link under a word.  If I did, I would do that.  To make it easier to find for people who might have missed them. So I will do it the messy way.

I’m not sure why this is obligatory.  I’m not sure that any of it means anything to anyone other than me.  But here it is for your viewing pleasure.

The Void . . . A rift in the space-time continuum.

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The Void is not the inky blackness of space as some people seem to think.  Which is actually chock full of suns and stars and planets and proto-planets and asteroids and comets and quasars and black holes and whatever else is out there. 

Nor is it the “new frontier” of the deepest darkest ocean depths in which new and increasingly strange life forms are to be found.

In fact, contrary to the definition of ‘void’ as something that is devoid of anything, empty, uninhabited, deserted, and so on, everything we think of as a void really does have things in them.

No, The Void is a rift in the space-time continuum that seems to exist at the back of washers and dryers and dishwasher.  It can be found in the back of closets, drawers, cupboards.  It can even be found hiding in purses and on bookshelves and in cars. 

On the whole, the Void does not harm the universe nor do we normally notice it.  Not until we are matching socks and realize that an even number went into the wash and an odd number came out.  Or we sense it when we go to get that pencil or sticky pad we tossed in the drawer at the end of the work day the afternoon before.  Sometimes it’s when we are looking for our favorite lip balm that was brand new, only used once, and suddenly missing from our purse.  Some of these items are gone forever.  Some suddenly turn up weeks later, in the exact place they were supposed to be, even thought you up ended the drawer or purse and went through it item by item.

You could say that someone else had it and put it back later.  This could be so at work, or if you live with people.  But not when you live alone.  Some of my friends say the cat did it.  Others like to say it was the fairies.  Personally, I say it was The Void gobbling up our bits and pieces.