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You might think of urine as liquid gold – or just a little gross.

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Urine is surprisingly useful.  The saying, “full of piss” once referred to having white teeth.  It was used to brush the teeth with to whiten and clean the teeth an mouth by Romans and Europeans used it to clean the house as it was better at cleaning and brightening objects than the soaps of the day were.  In fact, this is why Romans also used it at public laundry facilities.  Ammonia is a base and therefore good at neutralizing stains which were usually caused by things that were more acidic.

The dying and tanning industries were also collecting and using urine because of it’s cleaning and brightening properties and that it helped get other biological matter off leather while making it softer.  It was also used on and industrial scale to make explosives and gunpowder.

Modern science is using it to regrow teeth (China), make fuel (Nigeria) and create medications for use in hormone therapy, improved composting, and NASA filters it for drinking water in space.

I thought this would be longer, but a lot of the uses I remember being told turned out to be untrue.  Mostly the first aid related uses.  Such as peeing on injuries to clean them.  Which could be used if there were no water sources nearby.  It is only sterile inside the body, it becomes contaminated with bacteria on the way out.  But in swampy areas, polluted areas, and areas with no water source, it could still be used as it could be the cleanest water nearby.  Some water poor areas still use animal urine to wash up in because it does have cleaning properties and water for drinking is too valuable to use for bathing.


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Blue Mystique Orchids at a nursery.

Blue Mystique Orchids at a nursery.

Most of my views this morning have been of my Blue Mystique post.  It is funny because I was just looking at orchids this morning.

I have to admit that I am still kicking myself for not buying one of those orchids.  I believe they were something like 36.99$ at the time.  I didn’t think it was a good use of the money.  I really wish I had gotten one because I’ve never really stopped thinking about them.

I was at the store today, before work, and stopped to look at the orchids on my way out.  They had 4 different types of purple and purple/white ones.  Solid Purple.  Mostly White.  White with Purple Stripes.  White in the center fading out to pale purple at the outside edges.  I liked the White with Purple Stripes.  They were 17.99$.  I wasn’t sure I liked them enough for that price.

But if they get the Blue Mystique ones in again I will be buying one, if I have the money.  I really do regret not getting any at the time.

St. Valentines Day, The Day of Self-Hatred.

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Today is the worst holiday of the year. It is the day that was created to sell more greeting cards. It is a day to celebrate things that do not last. Candy, Flowers, Beauty, Lust, Infatuation, Flirtation.

It screams at people, saying that if you are not half of a pair then you are a sad, pathetic loser and you better keep out of sight on this day of red and pink and white.

Red for blood. Pink for flesh. White for the sheet to cover the body.

I declare it open season on cupid. Stop that little bastard in his tracks.

The Last Mt. Dew Campaign

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The Last Mountain Dew campaign gave us three odd flavors of Mountain Dew.  One was new Dew that looked, and rather tasted like the regular Mountain Dew.  The second was an orangy colored Dew with a tropical, slightly mango-ish flavor.  The winner was the White Dew.  This was, sadly, the better of the three. 

Sadly because it really wasn’t new.  My first reaction was, “Do I really want to drink something this unfortunate looking?”  I opened the bottle.  It smelled familar.  I used to drink this.  This smells like Squirt.  Hmmm.  It tastes like Squirt as well.  Like Squirt iwth WAY too much sugar in it. 

They have replaced the blue Dew at work with white.  It tastes lie Squirt and it looks like a bottle full of semen.  I dont’ want white Dew.  I want my blue Voltage Dew back.  I really want Blackout Dew back.  But I’ll settle for Voltage.  I just don’t want to have to look at something that looks like semen all day long.

Someone, somewhere, was not thinking.

31 Days of Halloween – Day One

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Black skirt – Check

White and black Halloween T-shirt – Check

Little black sweater – Check

Black socks with sparkly white ghosts – Check

Little black school girl shoes – Check

Little black purse – Check

Halloween tree with pumpkins and bones – Check

I’m ready for October First.