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The office solution for migraine related light sensitivity — The Witch’s Hat

Posted in Life with tags , , , , , , , on September 20, 2012 by urbannight

Are you a migraine sufferer.

Do you suffer vision issues and light sensitivity?

Do you have trouble finding big sunglasses or visors to block the light?

And do you often find that staying home from work is just not an option?  And your office is a field of cubicles where you have no control over the heat or light?

If so, the Witch’s Hat may be for you!

These hats come in dark colors to help absorb and diffuse the light. 

They have wide brims to block the office lights over your cubicle. 

Sometimes they even have black veiling to further subdue the ambient light as well as the light from your computer monitors.

So on days you can’t stay home but are suffering from migraine related light sensitivity, grab a witches hat out of your box of Halloween decor. 

You will be surprised at how well it works and wonder how you ever survived without one.