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I scream, You scream, We all scream for Ice Cream!

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A few weeks back, The Bottom Line was all about the Banana Split.  It was invented back in 1904, 1906 and 1907.  Back when news didn’t travel around as fast, you could get these independent instances of unrelated invention and discovery.   It wouldn’t happen now, it would get spread as far and as fast as the internet could take it. 

The 1904 has been confirmed as the earliest know banana split.  It was created by David Evans Strickler, a 23-year-old apprentice pharmacist.  The treat did start to spread as he shared it at professional conventions for pharmacists. 

In 1906,  a Boston ice cream entrepreneur came up with the idea as well.  His didn’t work out so well at first.  He didn’t peal the banana before splitting it.  So people were trying to scrape banana out of the peal.  It fared better with men than with women.  Once he started to peal the banana first, it picked up with the women.

In 1907, a restaurant owner, Ernest Hazard, in yet another city and state ( Willmington, OH) was trying to come up with a desert to get the college students to come in more during the slower winter spell.  He held a contest but the employees didn’t come up with anything he liked.  So he came up with the banana split.  They hold a festival every summer to honor this even.  Despite the fact it was winter when it happened.  I’m thinking frozen treats just go over better in the hot summer months.

Today, The Bottom Line was all about ice cream again.  What I find somewhat amazing is that, once again, vanilla tops the chart as the number one favorite flavor.  If you based it on books, TV, movies, or people in general, it always seems like people want chocolate.  Chocolate comes in at second place, Strawberry is third, and Mint Chocolate Chip is fourth.  (that one is my favorite)

I wonder if there is a difference in Vanilla, Vanilla Bean, and French Vanilla.  I go through phases of each.  I suspect one reason this flavor comes out on top so often is that is has a simple, clean, crisp taste that is good on its own and is perfect for a base for other toppings.  Chocolate can hide or overwhelm some flavors of toppings and strawberry doesn’t taste good with all flavors. 


Personally, I would rather have sorbet.  I love the stuff.  Or soft-serve frozen yogurt, but you can’t find that much anymore.  For a while you could find a low-carb ice-cream.  That stuff was amazing.  It reminded why I used to like ice cream.  Today, they take too much fat out of it and replace it with too much sugar.  It isn’t the same ice cream as when I was little.  I just don’t usually feel like having ice cream anymore.  It isn’t at all satisfying.  Sorbet I can enjoy.  Frozen yogurt I can enjoy, especially Red Mango; the store not the flavor.  My favorite flavor there is summer melon, covered in strawberry and kiwi slices.

It’s still going to be hot for a while.  Maybe after payday, I’ll go to the only Red Mango shop that has the Summer Melon and treat myself to a dish of it.

My First Taste of Greek Yogurt

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I admit that I’ve only tried Greek yogurt twice. The first time was a few months ago, it was flavored and I really don’t remember the nutritional info on the back nor do I remember what I thought of it.

This morning I wanted to pick up something with protein for breakfast.

The first thing that caught my eye was that Greek yogurt cost anywhere from double to quadruple the cost of regular yogurt. I flipped to the backs and saw wide ranges of calories, fat, and sugar. In the end I picked one that cost only twice as much as usual, was fat free, and also had less sugar than any of the others.

Once at work, I pulled out my cinnamon and added a bit. The yogurt was terrible. I even resorted to adding a packet of Aprivia (a no calorie sweetener). It was still terrible.

I had a bag of plain chips in the drawer so I started eating those instead. I was feeling guilty about not eating a cup of yogurt that cost so much so I decided to try to get a few more spoonfuls down.


What a difference those salty, fatty chips made.

After the chips, the yogurt suddenly tasted wonderful. It turns out that Greek yogurt is the perfect foil for salty food. The salty stuff made the yogurt suddenly taste less bitter and much sweeter and smoother. I actually regretted that there was no more yogurt when I reached the bottom of the cup.

Eating bad chips to make the yogurt palatable rather defeats the purpose of eating it to help with weight loss. Maybe I need to try some other brands to compare taste. I probably won’t buy the one that is supposed to be number one. I also noticed that it is also the most highly priced.

It might be good to use as a replacement for sour cream in chili or soups. The taste would work and it would probably blend as well and with the extra protein it ought to make it more filling. I may make some dips from it as well. Rather that cream cheese or ranch blends. Use a pack of dip seasoning with a cup or two for the yogurt. That should make some really nice veggie dips.